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Cold War Testing on African American Population in St. Louis with Filmmaker Damien D. Smith

October 05, 2022 Global Justice Ecology Project / Host Steve Taylor Season 2 Episode 9
Breaking Green
Cold War Testing on African American Population in St. Louis with Filmmaker Damien D. Smith
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During the cold war, the united states military conducted covert weapons development testing in what the Army identified as a "densely populated slum district". The spraying of zinc cadmium sulfide along with what evidence suggests was a radiative substance centered on a region that included the Pruitt Igoe housing complex. The film Target St. Louis, which has won the Urban World Best Documentary award in New York was directed by actor and film maker Damien D. Smith. On this episode of Breaking Green we will talk to Damien, about the film, the research it is based on and the importance of film in shinning a light on such a difficult subject.

 Damien was born in St. Louis and now lives as an actor, screen writer and prodcer in Los Angeles. Smith’s stage and television credits include the NAACP Theater Award-winning production of “12×9,” and most recently the television series “Snowfall” on Fx Networks  and “The Purge”on USA networks.  His directorial debut short narrative film entitled ABOUT THAT…, a powerful look at love through the eyes of a mentally disturbed young man won the Arts with Impact film Award. Smith’s last short film Daddy’s Big Girl won the Gentleman Jack Daniel’s Reel to Real Filmmaker of the Year Award.

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Disclosure:  Steve Taylor is married to the author of Behind the Fog.


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