Breaking Green

Muzzling Dissent and COP City with Basav Sen and Gabrielle Colchete

August 17, 2023 Global Justice Ecology Project / Host Steve Taylor Season 3 Episode 5
Breaking Green
Muzzling Dissent and COP City with Basav Sen and Gabrielle Colchete
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Marginalized communities are frequently targeted for the placement of toxic projects. Protest and community organizing has been an indispensable strategy in seeking environmental justice and fighting for those living in minority, poor and indigenous communities.

But now, so-called critical infrastructure laws are springing up around the United States in what appears to be a coordinated effort by corporate interests to muzzle protest. These laws seek to criminalize dissent and characterize peaceful protest as acts of terrorism.

On this episode of Breaking Green, we will talk with Basav Sen and Gabrielle Colchete who together authored a July article in In These Times titled, "Cop City and the Escalating War on Environmental Defenders." The story was based on a report they coauthored for the Institute for Policy Studies on the increased criminalization of protest activities.

Basav Sen joined the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), as the Climatic Justice Project Director in February 2017. Prior to joining IPS, Basav worked for about 11 years as a strategic corporate campaign researcher fo the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW). He also had experience as a campaigner against the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Gabrielle Colchete is a Next Leaders Alum from the Institute for Policy Studies 2020 Fellowship Cohort, where she researched frontline community resistance against fossil fuel projects and the role of corporate interests in increasing state criminalization of protest activities.

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Photo of Tortuguita Memorial by Don Kimball

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Introduction to Basav and Gabrielle
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What Happened at COP City
Death of Tortaguita and Independent Autopsies
Terrorism Charges for Protesting
Use of RICO Laws
Should People be Concerned?
Incentivizes Covert Action
Tortuguita's Committment to Non Violence
Corporate Laws and Private Police
Corporate Sponsorship of Atlantic Police Force Foundation
Demographics of Sacrifice Zones