Breaking Green

The Fight for GE Free New Zealand with Claire Bleakley

September 19, 2023 Global Justice Ecology Project / Host Steve Taylor Season 3 Episode 6
Breaking Green
The Fight for GE Free New Zealand with Claire Bleakley
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New Zealand is a "GE Free zone" meaning that all produce grown in New Zealand can be guaranteed free of genetic engineering (GE) and GMO traits.

Companies are allowed to do research with genetically modified organisms but according to current New Zealand law such organisms must be proven safe before they are allowed for use for farming. 

Yet as New Zealand heads into its 2023 election, several national political parties are threatening New Zealand's GE free status by suggesting the revocation of its precautionary legislation. 

In this episode of Breaking Green we will talk with Claire Bleakley, president of GE Free New Zealand about this push for the dropping of this long cherished GE  free status and what and who is behind it.

Claire Bleakley is the president of GE Free New Zealand. GE Free NZ has been active in raising awareness around the dangers of genetic engineering and gene editing over the last 20 years.

 Claire and her husband live on a small organic farm in New Zealand. She became actively involved in the GE Free movement when genetically engineered animals and crops, designed to withstand a cocktail of herbicides and insecticidal toxins, were developed. 

Claire and GE Free NZ have successfully challenged in court the safety of GE animals and crops. 

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